Monthly Archives: March 2017

#008 Before the Disaster

Deacons Jerre Birdsong and Nancy Belcher talk about their role as “disaster deacons” and connecting the needs of the community to resources, disaster preparedness, the Episcopal Asset Map, and this ministry of standing with the vulnerable to which we are called. This episode’s host is Deacon Harry Leip.


007 As if we weren’t there

Deborah Nelson-Linck is this episode’s guest. She’s the founder of the Hands On Black History Museum, a recently retired educator, and a member of Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis. Debbie created an exhibit of photographs of African Americans from late 1800s through the 1950s comprised of church members’ relatives and other curated images titled “As If We Weren’t There.”. The exhibit spawned much conversation in the church family, and several smaller projects, that are still discussed today. Shug Goodlow hosts.


006 Faith Being Tested

Shug Goodlow is in the guest chair today. She’s the head verger at Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis and also one of the hosts of this podcast. She’s interviewed by Barbi Click. The conversation began about Shug’s memories as a black child traveling with her family across the Mason Dixon line, the planning gatherings beforehand, mapping out safe places to stop and eat, the shoebox her grandmother prepared of food to take. The conversation continued to sharing memories of racism and how faith weaves in and out of those painful narratives.



005 Cathedral Housing Partnership

One year of help, an apartment fully furnished, help with food and finances, one person at a time–a small group of parishioners at Christ Church Cathedral work to help those without a home get off the streets. Joanne Kelly, cathedral member, talks with host Deborah Nelson-Linck about the partnership.