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016 A Gun Violence epidemic and response

In this episode host Harry Leip talks with the Rev. Marc Smith, the bishop’s Deputy for Gun Violence Prevention about the epidemic in our community, some of its causes, and how we are responding.


013 Feeding Jesus

Deacon Kevin McGrane stops by to talk about being hungry, and being poor in this country of abundance. He talks about some of the ways churches are offering food and meals, and how hunger ministry crept into his heart and led him to becoming a deacon. Deacon Harry Leip interviews in this deacon’s heart conversation.


#008 Before the Disaster

Deacons Jerre Birdsong and Nancy Belcher talk about their role as “disaster deacons” and connecting the needs of the community to resources, disaster preparedness, the Episcopal Asset Map, and this ministry of standing with the vulnerable to which we are called. This episode’s host is Deacon Harry Leip.