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025 What is the council of the diocese and why does it matter?

Time for some insider baseball on this episode of JesusHacked. Guest Al Ludwig from Emmanuel Church and host  Barbi Click both serve on Diocesan Council. They talk about what council does, who would be well suited to this work, and how being a member has influenced their day to day life.

Al is also on the nominations committee and sheds some light on this year’s quest for nominees for elections to be held at diocesan convention in November.


009 The window that started conversation

Mimi Shipp is our guest today. She’s a member of and the Parish Assistant for Ministry Support at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Webster Groves. And she’s sharing the story of Emmanuel’s resurrection window, a memorial to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.—how it came to be, the difficult conversations around it that helped shape the future direction of the parish. This episode’s host is Deborah Nelson Linck.